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Alpha and Omega Group Homes are operated by Alternate Group Care., a state licensed residential treatment center for adolescents. Alternate Group Care is accredited by the Joint Commission of Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. Alternate Group Care’s mission is to provide a wide range of placement and treatment services that prevent adolescents from being placed in institutional settings or to facilitate the transition from institutional settings to normal family environments.

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Alternate Group Care

Alpha and Omega Group Homes are located in Southwest Ranches in Broward County.  Each group home serves up to eight girls from ages 12- 17 years old.  The residential therapeutic group homes are designed for those adolescents who because of their emotional and behavioral difficulties cannot be maintained in their home setting, in a regular foster home or group home. The program is designed to serve adolescents who will benefit from a therapeutic setting. Clients will receive psychiatric services for individual, family and group therapy.  Our programs are designed to therapeutically assist the children in the resolution of any issues that have led to their current emotional and behavioral condition. Upon resolution of their significant issues, the children are transitioned to a home setting, or when necessary, a less restrictive community environment. The average length of stay at our group homes is approximately 9 months.


We believe that professionalism, integrity, commitment and responsibility are the corner stones of all members of our organization. 

Our efforts will be focused on securing meaningful and lasting solutions. We will accomplish this goal by enhancing the clients abilities to function in a manner that is respectful of their individuality.